FROM Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine (TSCCM) and Taiwan Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine (TSECCM)

We are pleased to invite you to EuroAsia 2020 Taipei. We have collaborated with ESICM to hold the EuroAsia conference since 2017 in Hong Kong, and it is our great honor to hold EuroAsia 2020 in conjunction with our joint annual congress in Taipei on September 11–13, 2020. Our support societies include Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine, Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine, Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, Taiwan Society of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Taiwan Neurosurgical Society, Taiwan Society of Anesthesiologists, Taiwan Society of Cardiology, Taiwan Association of Critical Care Nurses, and more are being recruited.

The invited speakers of EuroAsia 2020 include 10 ESICM elite experts, Prof. Phillip Dellinger, Timothy G. Buchman, Rinaldo Bellomo, Greg Martin, David Pilcher, Leo Anthony Celi, Younsuck Koh, Osamu Nishida, Jason Phua, and numerous expert Asian intensivists.

Because of COVID-19 pandemic, this conference has been changed to a hybrid online and physical conference. Many of our friends and you are fighting with COVID-19, like everyone, we hope the COVID-19 will be over as soon as possible. We applaud the incredible work you do. You are welcome to join EuroAsia 2020.

Wish safety and health to you and your family.

Juey-Jen Hwang
TSCCM President
Wai-Mau Choi
TSECCM President
Wei-Chun Huang
TSCCM Chair of Scientific Affairs
Tony, Yu-Chang Yeh
TSECCM Chair of Scientific Affairs
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