11 September 2020 (Fri.)



 Master Class    Sepis

    Master Class       Data science and machine learning        Workshop          AKI CRRT      Workshop         Critical Care Ultrasound Part I      Workshop         ECMO Part I 



 Master Class PADIS

 Master Class  Neurocritical Care 

Workshop   Hemodynamics       Workshop        Critical Care Ultrasound Part II     Workshop         ECMO Part II


Opening Ceremony


Network reception and abstract session 
12 September 2020 (Sat.)
 8:00-9:00    Meet Expert Breakfast 1Meet Expert Breakfast 2
 9:00-10:15 State of the art 1     New perspectives in hemodynamics    Session 1      Liver failure   
 10:15-10:45Coffee Break
 10:45-12:30 State of the art 2    Data Science in Critical Care    Session 2      Tutorial on medication essentials                         Session 3                               Improving quality in the ICU       Session 4        Finding the best therapy    Session 5     Strategies and consequences in bleeding
 12:45-13:45 Lunch Symposium
 14:00-15:15 State of the art 3  Respiratory support Session 6   SSC 2020 Sepsis Update                         Session 7                               Taking care of the ICU-teamSession 8  Anticipating infectious complications        Session 9         Neuro-intensive care
15:15-15:45Coffee Break
 15:45-17:00      Session 10        The ongoing sepsis story                        Session 11                             International ICU database         Session 12        The future of intensive care medicine      Session 13        It is all in the blood
 17:00-18:15 opening of T/T 2020                          Session 14                         The ICU is dangerous Session 15   Adjuvant medical therapy in the ICU 
 19:00-22:00Gala Dinner
13 September 2020 (Sun.)
 8:00-9:00    Meet Expert Breakfast 3 Meet Expert Breakfast 4
 9:00-10:15    Plenary lecture                     T/T                  Plenary lecture of TSCCM/TSECCM Annual CongressSession 16  Laboratory tests helping to understand   
 10:15-10:45Coffee Break
 10:45-12:30      Joint Plenary         lecture      Optimizing hemodynamic therapies  Session 17    ECMO in progress                     Session 18                           Case based - from practice to theory: pneumonia    Session 19      Oral presentation        Session 20       Case based - from practice to theory: liver failure
 12:45-13:45 Lunch Symposium
 14:00-15:15State of the art 4   eCPR   Session 11   New Challenges                         Session 22                               Smart EMR, AI, and Data Science        Session 23           Nurse section Session 24  ACLS 2020 Update
15:15-15:45Coffee Break
15:45-16:00 Closing  ceremony