11 September 2020 (Fri.)



Master Class 

 Master Class  Neurocritical Care  Workshop
     Workshop         Critical Care Ultrasound Part I   Workshop   ECMO Part I 



Master Class 

     Master Class
Data science and machine learning  

Workshop   Hemodynamics       Workshop        Critical Care Ultrasound Part II Workshop   ECMO Part II


Opening Ceremony


Network reception and abstract session 
12 September 2020 (Sat.)
 8:00-9:00    Meet Expert Breakfast 1Meet Expert Breakfast 2
 9:00-10:15 State of the art 1     New perspectives in hemodynamicsSession 1 
 10:15-10:45Coffee Break
 10:45-12:30 State of the art 2    Data Science in Critical Care    Session 2
Tutorial on medication essentials
 Session 3 
Improving quality in the ICU
       Session 4        Finding the best therapy    Session 5     Strategies and consequences in bleeding
 12:45-13:45 Lunch Symposium
 14:00-15:15 State of the art 3  Respiratory support Session 6
SSC 2020 Sepsis Update 
Session 7
Taking care of the ICU-team
Session 8
Anticipating infectious complications
Session 9
Neuro-intensive care
15:15-15:45Coffee Break
 15:45-17:00      Session 10
The ongoing sepsis story
Session 11
Session 12
The future of intensive care medicine
Session 13
It is all in the blood
 17:00-18:15 opening of T/T 2020  Session 14
The ICU is dangerous
 Session 15
Adjuvant medical therapy in the ICU
 19:00-22:00Gala Dinner
13 September 2020 (Sun.)
 8:00-9:00    Meet Expert Breakfast 3 Meet Expert Breakfast 4
 9:00-10:15    Plenary lecture                T/T
 Plenary lecture of TSCCM/TSECCM Annual Congress
Session 16  Laboratory tests helping to understand   
 10:15-10:45Coffee Break
 10:45-12:30      Joint Plenary         lecture
Optimizing hemodynamic therapies
  Session 17    ECMO in progressSession 18 
Case based - from practice to theory: pneumonia
    Session 19      Oral presentation        Session 20       Case based - from practice to theory: liver failure
 12:45-13:45 Lunch Symposium
 14:00-15:15State of the art 4   eCPR   Session 11
New Challenges
Session 22 
Smart EMR, AI, and Data Science 
       Session 23           Nurse section Session 24
ACLS 2020 Update
15:15-15:45Coffee Break
15:45-16:00 Closing  ceremony 
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